Let’s join forces in our desire to use data intelligently

The name Desirdata is inspired by Max Ehrmann’s beautiful 1927 poem “Desiderata,” which means “things desired.”

Desirdata is the solo company venture of Samand still in full development.

What it is that we do


Desirdata offers services and products around three core topics.

Data Science

We help define and execute your data science & AI projects.

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We have plenty of experience in freelance data science project definition and execution, both for small and large clients. We cover exploratory and modeling use cases, up to industrialization. We can also help staff your internal data science team.

Example customer

Data scientist in the Business Analytics team

BNP Paribas Fortis


Data Content

We do your content writing with and about data.

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We are specialized in content writing with data (creating stories for your employees or the entire world) & about data (for example, to document your data-driven processes). We can also help you make (interactive) standalone or dashboard visualizations.

Example customer

Data storyteller on an educational platform


Data Literacy

We train you to become a better data professional.

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We develop and deliver unique online and offline trainings covering the skills needed to become a better data scientist or data-related content writer. Occasionally, some of our training material is released online for free. 

Example customer

Coach during 7-month long data & AI bootcamps


Reaching out

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If you want to go placidly amid the noise and haste with (Desir)data as your guide, get in touch to find out if we match.

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